Good sales advice is hard to come by.

Our world of instant gratification and chasing quotas is a breeding ground for quick-fixes and magic pills. Material in many sales books is unsubstantiated. It makes you wonder if the people who wrote these publications have ever seen individual sales success.

Quick-fixes or shortcuts don’t exist. We believe in practice, and hard work, honesty, and being straightforward. Psychological principles and research guide the techniques outlined on quota.life.

We want to change the way sales and sales professionals are looked at.

There are so many liars and cheats who think that deception is a valid sales strategy. They create horrible experiences for prospects. Many of them won’t trust a salesperson ever again.

The road to becoming great at sales is long, and it takes a steady commitment.

Here’s to doing things the right way, and sharing the¬†correct knowledge that should be available to all. We want to change professional selling by filtering bad advice and providing insights to help sales professionals perform better.

The quota.life blog is the start of this mission. Start here.

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