The best sales email templates to book sales meetings

The best sales email templates to book sales meetings

The best sales emails are direct and get straight to the point. I’ve used these messages for multiple different products/services and they have always worked. Give my best sales email templates a try and see if they work for you!

I always send a sequence of three emails to a lead I haven’t spoken to. Three emails won’t piss them off, and it will get their attention if they miss the first couple of messages.

Sales email template #1 – The intro message

The first message I send is always the most detailed because it will be the first in the chain.

I reply to my own messages when following up so prospects get the full narrative. I want them to see the re: in the subject line – this helps improve email open rates.

“quick question” and “meeting request” are always effective subject lines and they work for any product. I don’t like to capitalize the text because it makes the email seem like a real person wrote it (which helps open rates).

Subject: quick question, meeting request

Hi [NAME],

I’m reaching out from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. We are a leader in [COMPANY REPUTATION].

We’ve been working with a number of similar companies to help them improve [BENEFIT 1], and [BENEFIT 2].

It would be great to find some time to chat and see if [PRODUCT/SOLUTION] might work for you as well. Do you have 10-15 minutes for a quick call tomorrow from 1pm – 2pm, or on Friday from 10am – 12pm?



Now let’s break down the intro sales email template:

Get to the point as quickly as possible

Get to the point and get benefits out quickly. The prospect won’t appreciate small talk from someone they don’t know.

Let them know early on why they should take your call because nobody will read a 500 word email from a stranger.

I’m reaching out from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. We are a leader in [COMPANY REPUTATION].

Under the ‘company reputation’ section add extra detail for credibility. If you are the industry leader or have won awards use that as leverage.

Explain the results you can drive for the prospects business if they use your solution

We’ve been working with a number of similar companies to help them improve [BENEFIT 1], and [BENEFIT 2].

I like to mention I’ve been working with similar companies for social proof.

Keep the benefits simple and high level.

You should be able to say something specific like ‘boost cart conversion rates’, or ‘improve online retail revenue’.

Add statistics when you can. ‘Boost cart conversion rates by 55%’ is better than ‘boost cart conversion rates’.

Outline what you want from the client

Do you have 10-15 minutes for a quick call

Be honest and don’t ask for 10-15 minutes if you need 30. If you book a first meeting for 15 minutes and go over by an hour do you think the client will want to see you again?

If you need two hours figure out how to shorten your initial meeting because that’s way too long.

Clients get bored when your meetings are too long.

tomorrow from 1pm – 2pm, or on Friday from 10am – 12pm?

For transactional sales use specific time blocks to book meetings. Giving two specific options can speed the meeting booking process up.

If you are selling to big organizations give flexibility with your time/date range.

It will make you look inexperienced if you ask the CEO of a Fortune 100 company for time tomorrow or Monday. You will lose credibility and get laughed at.

CEO's of big companies will laugh at you if your sales email templates ask for time today or tomorrow

Sales email template #2 – First follow-up message

Subject: Quick question, meeting request

Go to your previous message, hit ‘reply, and send the followup through the same email chain.

Firstly if you do this it will look like a conversation. This will help your open rates.

Second, it helps keep the narrative of your pitch to the client in one place. Each new email should touch on a new benefit so you aren’t just repeating yourself.

Finally, sending your emails in the same chain can help you stay organized. You won’t have to search your ‘sent’ folder to find different chains of emails to one prospect.

Hi [NAME],

I just wanted to follow up and see if you had a chance to look at my last email. It would be great to find some time to talk and see if we can help you improve on [BENEFIT 3].

Do you have 10-15 minutes for a quick phone call this week or next?

I’m sure we can drive some fantastic results for your business and would like to see if there are opportunities to work together.



Try rephrasing your main value prop or take a new angle

Rephrase your value proposition for follow up messages in your sales email templates

It would be great to find some time to talk and see if we can help you improve on [BENEFIT 3].

Don’t struggle to find a third benefit if it doesn’t exist. Stick with your core competency, but rephrase it in a way that will resonate.

Changing your messaging is important because everyone thinks differently.

If your software helps improve cart conversion rates try humanizing the story. Some people are emotional thinkers and will want to be put in their clients shoes.

Say something like: ‘we make sure more customers that create carts on your websites go through with a first purchase’.

opportunities to work together

I always look to collaborate when possible. Sales should be win-win unless you’re selling snake oil. If you’re selling snake oil then find a new company to work for.

Sales email template #3 – Final follow-up/burn message

Everybody hates an annoying salesperson. Don’t be that guy/gal.

I’ve written about why burning leads is so important in the past. Check it out if you think you might be holding on to opportunities for too long

Burn sales leads in your final sales email template. Sad goodbyes are better than no goodbyes!
Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a prospect. They probably weren’t going to buy from you now anyways.

With my final message I like to let the prospect know that they won’t be hearing from me again for a while. This is extremely important for two reasons:

  1. The prospect knows that they won’t be getting any more (potentially) annoying emails so they won’t associate me, my product, or my company with being annoying. Nobody wants to be known as ‘the annoying guy’.
  2. A prospect that wants to learn more but has actually been busy will know this is their last chance to speak to you. If they don’t make time now then they might not get the chance. This is the best way to create a sense of urgency.

SIDE NOTE: I write this blog for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it helps me organize my thoughts and keep track of what I know. It makes me better at what I do because I’m forced to think deeply about how I approach my day-to-day.

More importantly, I write this blog because I believe that the majority of sales training is total bullshit. Early in my career I took bad advice and my results suffered because of it.

Here’s the main point of this side note: some sales training will suggest that you should reach out to prospects 7? 8? 9? 15?!?! times. Do you really think that after 7+ messages in succession you are still getting into a clients inbox?

If your message resonates with a client they will make time for you. If it resonates but they don’t have time they will tell you that.

Being persistent to the point of annoyance only associates you with being a pain in the ass. Strive to be someone that people enjoy buying from.

This is how prospects feel when you send them 15 emails without getting a response.

Give a prospect your best shot with a few calls and a few emails – then back off.

Come back in a few months when they’ve forgotten about you and try again. This is the smart way to burn leads in a way that still leaves them open for you in the future.


Subject: Quick question, meeting request

Reply to your previous email through the same email chain for the third message the same way you did for the second message.

Hi [NAME],

I wanted to follow up one last time and see if you were interested in learning more about [PRODUCT]. Do you have any time in the next couple of weeks for a quick chat?

It would be great to give you some background on the work we’ve done for [BEST CLIENTS].

At this point I’ll leave it with you, but feel free to get back in touch in the future if you would like to learn more.



Let the client know this is the last time you will be reaching out (for now)

I wanted to follow up one last time

Don’t break this promise and email them back in a week or two.

Push your task to follow up in your CRM at least 3 months down the line or more if you sell a large complex product.

If you don’t hear back then wait it out and try a new approach, or go for a different stakeholder in the company (if it’s a large organization).

Use social proof to get a response

It would be great to give you some background on the work we’ve done for [BEST CLIENTS].

Add social proof to your sales email templates.

If you have specific statistics, case studies, videos, or other compelling data make sure you leverage it.

I will usually allude to the content to try to get a response, but I know some people that have success sending cold videos/case studies. Use your best judgement.

ThOSe SAlEs emaIL TeMPlates aRe TOOo sIMPle, i wAnT tO tRY SOMetHing cREAtivE!!!!

No, you don’t. Creative in sales is usually another way of saying manipulative.

Prospects will either care about the results you can drive for their business or they won’t. It’s not worth killing yourself to try and get a deal from someone that just doesn’t get the value.

The easiest deal is usually from a new client that has a need for what you do.

TERRIBLE creative sales email templates

I found some awful sales email templates online so I’ll explain why you should avoid these garbage strategies.

I won’t link the pages because I don’t want to help them spread, but you can find them with some quick Googling.

Her are my two favourites:

Bad strategy #1: Talk to your prospects customers (pretend to be a customer)

Hey [Prospect],
Two of your customers had excellent things to say about you: [Company #1] and [Company #2]. Your software has had a huge impact on the growth of their businesses.
How could I learn more about how your team pulls this off?
[Your name]

This template is asking you to book a meeting by pretending to be a customer.

Here’s what will happen: you will piss off a salesperson at your prospect company because they will think you are a lead when really you’re just an idiot.

Bad strategy #2: Send other peoples content to your prospect

Hey [Prospect],
Congrats on closing your seed funding. That means you’re probably starting to think about how you’ll raise your A round.
Other founders report that it’s 100x easier to raise money if they’ve already figured out how to profitably acquire customers.
I’ve found that David Skok’s articles on unit economics are an amazing resource to help with that.
Here’s one:
Have you read them?
[Your name]

These sales email templates suggest that you send an article to your prospect that you didn’t write that has nothing to do with your company.

Then you should ask what they think about it but with no ‘ask’ or mention of your business.

Here’s what will happen: Email IGNORED. The CEO of the company you are trying to sell to doesn’t need a fucking pen pal. Seriously who thinks of this nonsense?

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