Salespeople should practice like the best actors in the world

Salespeople should practice like the best actors in the world

The best lines in movie history were well rehearsed, yet sales professionals think they deliver a well-crafted pitch without any sales practice.

Sales professionals think that conducting demos and meetings will be enough. It might be enough for some, but the majority won’t be able to survive off of that.

Salespeople should practice sales with the intensity of Rocky's runs
Rocky’s training montages were legendary. Boxers don’t achieve success without intense training.

The best speeches, movie roles, athletic feats, literary works, art masterpieces etc. were all contrived after hours upon hours of practice.

Sales practice is essential. Practicing leads to improvement, period. So why wouldn’t you do it?

If you’re reading this article you probably don’t practice your sales skills. It’s nothing personal, most sales professionals don’t.

You would never take that approach if you were a world-class athlete or bodybuilder.

Can you imagine a bodybuilder saying a few weeks out from a competition that they’re “good”, and don’t need to lift? That would be insane. Weight lifting builds muscle. Lifting is their practice, and increased muscle size/definition is the result.

So why is sales different?

3 Reasons salespeople don’t get evaluated on how much sales practice they do

1: You can’t see sales skill, only the results. Enterprise sales are even tougher to measure due to lengthier sales cycles.

2: You can execute your pitch perfectly and still not get business

3: Territory can affect results

The sales evaluation paradox

Sales professionals are measured exclusively by the final number on the board. It’s the right way for companies to evaluate effectiveness, but it does little to evaluate specific sales skills.

This reliance on the final number can decrease motivation to work on skills, and increase motivation to find short-term fixes that will win business immediately.

That’s why discounting, misinformation (unfortunately), and sales advice that promises a “X% increase in 30 days!!!!!” is so relied upon.

Poorly run governments think the same way. It’s all about the next four years. All about the next election, and keeping their jobs.

It’s the same way for many sales professionals.

Reps that need sales practice the most often train the least

Every company has a group that fights each month to hit their goals. They average out at about 70% to goal, but get to stick around. They are constantly under pressure, and get less reward as a result.

Putting in a few extra hours each week to learn new material and practice skills is the difference. Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, so why is playing field so uneven?

Certain people are naturally good at selling, but natural talent only gets them so far. The reps that put in the most effort and embrace the grind almost always win.

Sales practice builds confidence

Most of all, you should practice because it builds confidence.

Knowing that you’ve worked on your skills and done everything to succeed makes you feel prepared. When you feel prepared, you become confident.

The most confident reps are always at the top of the pack.

When you’re in a slump, it’s probably because you’re lacking confidence.

Practice more, because that’s what the best do. You won’t regret it.

Dominating sales practice will get you feeling like Rocky after his iconic run through Philadelphia.
Dominating sales practice will get you feeling like Rocky after his iconic run through Philadelphia.
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